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Tax Planning

A tax savings plan adapted to your needs will ensure you only pay what you have to.

Did you know that most companies pay more taxes than they should?

Saving tax has no secrets, all that is needed is foresight and efficient tax planning. At Ilia Consultoria we will study your case and design the financial strategy that best meets your objectives. When it comes to saving tax your objectives are ours too.

We create proactive tax savings plans, taking care to review all your data so we can tailor-make an individual plan perfectly suited to your company’s tax needs.

We carry out monthly reviews of the accounts of your company, check your deductible expenses, and review the remuneration of shareholders and directors to ensure your company is legally and fiscally correct.

We study all the deductions applicable to your company. We assess the past results and future projections of your company to implement tax deductions that will reduce your overall tax liability.

Our tax savings plans are applicable to both businesses and individuals, allowing you to save up to 30% on your tax bill.

To achieve this we take advantage of the main applicable deductions:

  • Income tax: we not only prepare and present your corporation tax in July, but all year round we concern ourselves with planning and implementing all tax deductions applicable to your business. Through proactive planning we ensure your tax savings are the maximum possible. We are immediately aware of legislative changes which we may be able to use to your advantage. Do not get left behind; corporation tax planning alone could reduce your tax burden by between 10% and 30%.
  • Wealth tax: through proper tax planning we can reduce, and in many cases eliminate, the wealth tax. We are specialists in preparing and submitting wealth tax – and experts in reducing it.
  • Income tax (IRPF) or non-resident income tax (IRNR): most tax returns are filed incomplete or incorrectly, but did you know that responsibility for the declared data is always the taxpayer’s? At Ilia Consultoria we file annual returns in July, but throughout the year we plan the income statements of our customers, modelling simulations with proposals for deductions leading to reductions in their tax liability. We always ensure your tax returns are completed accurately, on time, and in the most tax-efficient way.

At Ilia Consultoria we will use all legal means to reduce your tax burden. Our tax planning service will ensure that you only pay what you need to and no more. Take advantage of the benefits of proactive fiscal planning and start saving money right away.

Tax Consultancy Services

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“Proper tax planning increases the profitability of your company”

Lidia López

Tax Dept


Model 720


Declaration of goods and rights located abroad. We study, prepare and file Model 720 for you.