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Tax Consulting

Ilia Consultoria is a tax advisory service based in the heart of Barcelona. Our team of expert tax advisors are ready to offer you a fully comprehensive service.

Your personal tax advisor

We take the time to get to know our clients, allowing us to give them the personalised service that best suits their needs. We will assign you a personal advisor who will take care of your business at all times and who will meet with you regularly to discuss the progress of your business.

Our consultants are licensed experts in auditing and accounting.

At Ilia Consultoria we love providing tax advice; we are convinced that we can add value to your business with this service. Your personal tax advisor will not only make sure your company is up to date with tax payments and your relationship with Hacienda, but they will do everything legally possible to help you pay less tax.

We can reduce your tax burden to the fullest extent through efficient tax planning. Using all the deductions the law allows, our proactive personal tax advisors will prepare and implement a plan to ensure you generate greater tax savings.

We prepare, revise, optimise and present your taxes, minimising your tax burden, in accordance with current legislation. We avoid errors and penalties by using an accurate and efficient automated accounting system tailored to your needs. All supported by a group of specialist advisors expert in their field, ensuring the correct fulfillment of your tax obligations.

Our services include

  • Accounting Services
  • Completing or importing your accounts: regardless of the programme, software or accounting procedure you use, we adapt our tools and processes to your needs. We work with the best technology partners in the sector.
  • Automatic processes to detect mistakes: our automated accounting processes review each entry, document and invoice, immediately detecting costly errors.
  • Preparation, review, optimisation and submission of your taxes: We complete your accounts in accordance with the most relevant tax model, according to your sector, activity or financial situation:
    • Modelo 200 (Corporation tax)
    • Modelo 322 (VAT, Groups of organisations, individual form, monthly self-assessment)
    • Modelo 349 (Reporting of intra-community transactions)
    • Modelo 720(Declaration on goods and rights located abroad)
    • Modelo D6 (Listed securities, statement of foreign investments)
    • Modelo 840, IAE (tax on economic activities)
    • Continuous review of accounts and balance sheets
    • Constant monitoring of the tax liabilities of your company
    • Assessment of tax deductions applicable to your company
  • Tax and accounting proposals to reduce liabilities:
    • Financial assessment of company operations
    • Financial assessment of VAT
    • Assessment of intra-community transactions (imports and exports)
    • Financial assessment of triangular operations
    • Simulation of corporation tax models to anticipate tax liabilities
    • Simulation of income tax models to reduce tax burden
    • Analysis of shareholder and director remuneration
    • Financial analysis of company operations
    • Creation of corporate structures for tax optimisation (holding companies, trade groups, etc)

Although our consultancy is based in Barcelona, we offer our services to businesses and individuals throughout Spain and further afield. In only a decade we have become a point of reference for financial and legal advice; if you are looking for a tax consultancy which is serious about their service and committed to their customers, you’ve come to the right place.

Tax Advisory Services

Dep Fiscal Ilia Consultoria

“A good tax advisor always exceeds the client’s expectations”

Xavier Vilalta

Tax Department Director




Tax Planning


Did you know that 90% of companies and individuals pay more taxes than they should? At Ilia Consultoria we are dedicated to reducing your personal and business taxes. Discover how to start saving money now.

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