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Shares Transactions

The trading of shares is one of the most common corporate operations.

Does your business need to buy or sell shares?

At Ilia consultoria we have successfully managed more than 700 share transactions, and our legal department can help you with yours.

A number of factors must be taken into account when buying or selling company shares. These include determining the price of the shares or shares, the fiscal impact of the transactions, and the limitations established by legislation.

At Ilia Consultoria we can help you with initial advice, the design of the operation and the drafting and legal presentation of all documentation.

Our financial and legal departments, through different financial valuation techniques, can help you evaluate the transaction at market prices, so you can be sure that the sale is completed at the best price.

Our legal and financial service for the purchase and sale of shares includes:

  • Legal study of the sale
  • Preliminary tax study to reduce tax liability
  • Operation design
  • Communication to third parties if required
  • Convening and holding of extraordinary general meeting
  • Preparation and coordination of the notary firm
  • Settlement of the corresponding taxes (ITP, IRPF and IS)

Do not hesitate, contact us to carry out your share transactions and we will assist you with our customary professionalism and dedication.

Legal Consultancy Services

Departamento Legal - Ilia Consultoria

“We will prepare and execute the purchase and sale of shares for your business “

Maria Bielsa

Legal Department Director