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Registro Mercantil

Do you have to complete any business with the Registro Mercantil? Let us take care of everything.

At Ilia Consultoria we have been working with the Registro Mercantil for many years. We are certified by the FNMT to carry out procedures in an electronic way.

We specialise in the registration of annual accounts, the registration of accounting books, registration of partners’ books and registration of records of minutes, as well as in obtaining any type of certificate that you need from the Mercantile Register – including certificates of validity of the administrator’s position, ‘simple’ copies, authorised copies of deeds, etc.

We can provide you with the financial data of any company that you require. If you need to analyse your competition contact us, we can send you the previous years’ results of any company.

The main activities we carry out in the Registro Mercantil are:

  • Filing of annual accounts
  • Accounts bookkeeping
  • Preparation and filing of book of minutes
  • Preparation and filing of partners’ books
  • Obtaining certificate of validity of the position of administrator
  • Obtaining simple registry notes
  • Obtaining verbatim copies of deeds of incorporation

Your time is valuable: if you have to perform administrative tasks with the Registro Mercantil, allow us to do it for you.

Registro Mercantil Services


“We can handle any business with the Registro Mercantil”

Maria Bielsa

Director Legal Dpt