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Payroll Services

Our advisors will provide you with a professional, honest and effective payroll service.

We don’t just process payroll and social security – it is so much more than that. From our offices in central Barcelona, our experienced team of employment consultants are always working to ensure that all payments are on time, correct and correspond to employee contracts, thus avoiding the possible claims of workers.

Whenever you need to hire someone we will advise you on the best options for your company, including the most cost-effective bonuses and the type of contract that best suits your needs.

At Ilia Consultoria we work with the CRETA system to communicate with Social Security, providing monthly CRA and social insurance figures. We also take care to set up a recurring payment from your company’s current account so you do not have to worry about anything.

Our payroll and social security service includes:

  • Payroll Preparation: We run the payroll of your employees. We make sure the payroll complies with your contracts and the law. We ensure that your company fulfills all its legal obligations. We check that your payroll complies with the law
  • Social Security: We complete the social security payments. We are registered with the direct settlement system (CRETA)
  • Monthly communication to social security of the CRA file of workers’ compensation
  • Employment contracts, management and settlements: We write the employment contracts of your company. We advise you on the best type of contract you can offer your employees
  • Contracts of support for entrepreneurs
  • Registering or de-regestering with Seguridad Social, sick pay
  • We can calculate and write any settlement for your company. We always look for ways to make redundancies cheaper and more secure for the company.

If you give us your business, we will not only take care of the preparation of your payroll and present your social security payments with the new direct settlement system (CRETA), but we will look for ways to minimise the tax burden of your employees and your company. We will also make sure that you comply with all the requirements that employment law requires. Contact us to take advantage of our years of knowledge in employment consultancy.

Employment Consultancy Services

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“The preparation of payroll must comply with current legislation”

Oriol M. Giné

Administration Dept

Working Hours Control

Working Hours Control

Seguridad Social requires all business to record a daily timesheet for their workers. Employers and employees must sign the timesheets daily to ensure they are considered valid.

Our consultants will prepare your timesheets and ensure they are completed in accordance with the current legislation.

Learn more about our timesheet service.