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Other tax forms

If you need to file any unusual tax forms with Hacienda, then contact us – we are the specialists.

At Ilia Consultoria we know what we are talking about, so much so that other consultants rely on us to file less common tax forms.

Have you ever had to file any unusual tax or information and found that other tax advisors couldn’t understand it or help you? Then contact us – we complete and file all existing tax forms.

Our tax consultants can advise and file any forms which apply to your company, ensuring they comply with all legal requirements.

Ilia Consultoria are expert in the following forms, and many more:

  • Form 840: IAE. IAE. Declaration of registration, variation or reduction in the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE) and communication of the net amount of the turnover for purposes of IAE (processing before the AEAT). Download form
  • Form 349: Summary declaration of intra-Community transactions. Download form
  • Form 303: VAT self-assessment. Download form
  • Form 340: Information Return. VAT, article 36 of the general regulations for tax management and audit measures and procedures and implementation of the common rules for tax application procedures (Register). Download form
  • Form 216: IRNR. Non-resident income tax. Income obtained from sources other than a permanent establishment. Withholding and payment on account (return – payment slip). Download form
  • Form 211: IRNR. Non-residents income tax. Withholding in property purchases from non-residents without permanent establishment. Download form
  • Form 950: Declaration of the tax on stays in tourist establishments (both online and in person), through the Virtual Office of the ATC (forms for online processing). More info (web in Spanish).
  • Form 123: Withholdings and payments on account of income tax, corporation tax and non-resident income tax (permanent establishments). Certain income from liquid capital or certain income. Download form
  • Form 210: IRNR. Income tax on non-resident without permanent establishment. Download form.
  • Form 220: Corporation tax. Consolidated tax system. Payment or refund document. Download form.
  • Form 322: VAT. Groups of organisations. Individual form. Monthly self-assessment. Download form.
  • Form 650: Inheritance and Gift Tax. Self-assessment inheritance tax return. Download form.
  • Form 600: Transfer tax and stamp duty – self-assessment of the tax (formalities with the Tax Agency). Download form.
  • Form 714: Wealth Tax. Tax return and income document. Download form.

These and other tax forms hold no secrets for us; contact us now and we can prepare and file any form you need.

Tax Consultancy Services

Dep Fiscal Ilia Consultoria

“It is important to present the tax forms promptly and accurately to avoid financial penalties.”

Xavier Vilalta

Head of Tax Dept