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Labour Consultancy

At Ilia Consultoria we offer a complete advice service for all your employment and human resources needs.

Let us take care of managing your company’s workforce. Our expert team of employment advisors based in central Barcelona will manage payroll operations, ensure that your company is compliant with its Seguridad Social obligations, and help you maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

We believe that labour consultancy is more than the simple management of payroll, social security and contracts .

Our labour consultants will make sure that all contracts and wages comply with the law, and we will ensure that your company is conforming and responding to any specific laws in your particular field.

But we do a lot more than just this; we model remuneration formulas in order to optimise the taxation of employees and reduce your company’s liability. And we can make specific compensation plans for partners and administrators, which can result in tax savings of up to 30%.

If you work with Ilia Consultoria we guarantee that your company will comply with all legal obligations in employment matters.

Our labour consultancy services include:

  • Annual preparation of work calendars, with regional and local holidays, personalised for your company and its needs
  • Acting as intermediaries in the case of conflicts between company and employees
  • Running conciliation processes (CMAC)
  • Overseeing judicial processes within the workplace
  • Processing wages
  • Appealing to Seguridad Social
  • Complying with Seguridad Social obligations
  • Advising on employment law
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Control of ordinary and extraordinary hours
  • Registering of partners and administrators with Seguridad Social

If you choose our labour consultancy service, we will not only ensure that your company is up to date with its Social Security obligations, but we will also proactively seek ways to reduce the tax burden on your company and employees.

Employment Consulting Services

Payroll Services


Our team of labour consultants will manage your company’s payroll, including your social security payments. We are registered in the CRETA direct payment system.

In addition to dealing with your day-to-day human resources issues, we will also work to help you reduce the tax burden of your company and your employees.