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We are a tax consultancy dedicated to the accounting and tax management of SMEs.
Currently, due to the constant and sustained growth of the last years, we are carrying out several selection processes for our accounting department. We need to fill several junior accountant positions.
We are a young, technological consulting in a changing and pleasant environment, referent in processes of digitalization and accounting automation, so it is imperative to use new technologies and adaptability to change, we grow fast and we are in continuous evolution.
This is a position with many options to progress at the labor level, either in the accounting department itself or as a tax adviser, if conditions exist.


Essential experience in a fiscal management, with a minimum of one to three years, in the accounting department.
Experience in accounting processes, tax filing …
Very valuable the deal with the client, candidate oriented to the provision of services.
It is a position that requires alignment with the values of the company.
Catalan, Spanish, English.
We will value a lot if you have experience in accounting automation, advice “without papers”, digitization of offices … Or if you are interested in the subject.


We need you to be responsible, hardworking, humble and kind, and eager to learn and progress.
Candidate proactive, oriented to solve problems and empathize with clients and workers.
Teamwork is the basis of success. Dependence of the fiscal department.
That you have vocation of service, that you are proactive, resliente and with great capacity to solve the problems of your clients.
That you feel the need to progress and learn new methods.
It is a professional challenge, with many options for personal and professional growth and an exciting professional horizon. Project consolidated but with huge expectations.
Adaptation and experience in new technologies. “100% intelligent office. So we need you to be organized and methodical.
It is very important that you have experience and ability to manage accounting processes.

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