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Company Dissolution

If you need to dissolve a company we have a team of experienced professionals ready to manage the process for you.

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ cod pay soma BUY Soma COD ~ BUY Soma FAST DELIVERY Liquidating and / or dissolving a limited company is not an easy task. If you need to close down a company, contact us – we are specialists in this mandatory administrative process.

A large proportion of Hacienda claims for limited partnership managers focus on inactive, liquidated or dissolved partnerships.

Usually when a company is established it is an exciting, optimistic time; however by the time it ends, there may be many problems. However the business still needs to be dissolved in accordance with the law.

De-activating, liquidating and dissolving a limited company is a complex task that requires the participation of several specialists: lawyers, tax lawyers, accountants and, often, employment consultants.

With a company closure you have to take into account many factors. On the one hand, a company in dissolution cannot have debts on the balance sheet – if a company closes with outstanding debts it must go into liquidation. On the other hand, it needs to be taken into account that Soma online Overnight without dr approval the distribution of the assets in the dissolution of a limited company generates taxes that must be calculated and settled.

All of this must be reflected in a notarised document, not forgetting the corresponding notary expenses of the dissolution, and subsequently the dissolution of the Limited Company must be registered in the Registro Mercantil.

Our corporate dissolution service includes:

  • Preliminary analysis of the company’s situation
  • Balance adjustment
  • Drafting minutes of corresponding partners
  • Appointment of the liquidator and liquidation of the company
  • Deed of Dissolution of Society
  • Coordination of the notary firm
  • Registration of the dissolution in the Registro Mercantil
  • Preparation and presentation of the Model 600
  • Preparation and presentation of corporation tax and annual accounts

At Ilia Consultoria we are experts in closing and dissolving companies. Contact us if you need to carry out a company liquidation.

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“We dissolve companies – and reduce the costs for our clients”

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