cabecera Ampliación de Capital

Capital Increase

If you need to raise more capital, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to manage it for you.

At Ilia Consultoria we specialize in all types of capital increases: investment rounds for startups, capital increases for compensation of credit, injection of foreign capital, entry of new legal or private partners, crowdfunding, etc.

From our offices in central Barcelona we have carried out capital increases for some of the most exciting companies to have emerged in recent years. We have a legal department with a vast experience in this type of corporate operation, accustomed to designing and managing capital increases of all kinds.

We help you by providing advice, designing the operation and writing all of the necessary documents. We manage and coordinate signatures and co-ordinate any other documentation required.

Aside from the capital increase, we also take into account the financial and legal factors so that costs are reduced to the utmost. We consider the share premium so that the resulting capital is sufficient for your needs, and we can also manage the deductions for investments in newly created companies.

We can advise you on any type of capital increase:

  • Investment round
  • Crowdfunding
  • Compensation of credits
  • Calculation of share premium
  • Entrance of new partners (legal or physical person)
  • Injection of foreign capital
  • Business purchase or absorption

Our capital increase service includes:

  • Initial tax and legal advice
  • Operation design
  • Drafting of all the necessary documents (minutes of partners, notarial deeds, etc.)
  • Convening and minuting the meeting of shareholders
  • Preparation of notarised documents and coordination of the notary

We provide our services to other consultancies, companies and technological, industrial and service businesses. Take advantage of our experience and contact us to find out how we can help you increase the capital of your company.

Legal Advice Services


“We are experts in carrying out all kinds of capital increases”

Maria Bielsa

Legal Department