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Automated Accounting

Reduce the fixed costs of your company with automated accounting.

At Ilia Consultoria we were using automated accounting techniques long before anybody else was even talking about them. From the very beginning of our business journey, we committed ourselves to a new model of accounting consultancy.

Automated accounting processes are part of our DNA; not only do we use the most advanced software to automate accounting processes, but we have developed proprietary software and helped develop pioneering accounting automation programmes that are now utilised nationwide.

When it comes to the implementation of automated accounting we are setting the standard.

In addition to putting all of our vast breadth of knowledge in this matter at the service of our clients, we consult with other tax advisors, helping them to implement the automated accounting and digital marketing programmes and techniques that we have developed.

Automated accounting allows us to:

  • Eliminate 99% of accounting errors, vastly improving the traditional method
  • Automate invoicing with a process that involves up to five review points on each invoice
  • Automatically post bank statements – you do not even have to send the statements to us
  • Significantly reduce time spent on accounting
  • Dedicate our time to advising you on ways to lower your tax burden and pay less tax
  • Provide accounting service at the most competitive price on the market

If you want to try our automated accounting service, or if you have any questions about how it can help your business, just contact us.

Accounting Consultancy Services

Esther Martinez

“Automated accounting reduces errors to virtually zero”

Esther Martinez

Accounts Dept