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Appeals to Hacienda

Need to make an appeal to Hacienda? At Ilia Consultoria we will handle the whole process for you.

Have you been fined unfairly by Hacienda? Don’t worry, with Ilia Consultoria you can defend your rights and claim a refund by presenting an appeal.

Have you been sanctioned for lack of documentation? Have you received a fine for non-payment? Do you need help with an appeal?

At Ilia Consultoria we are experts in filing appeals with Hacienda and defending the rights of our clients.

Our team of experts will handle everything necessary to make a success of your claims.

We can help you with:

  • Responding to requests for information
  • Preparing appeals for reinstatement
  • Processing tax management records
  • Deferral of tax debts

Bring us your tax and accounting documentation and we’ll handle the rest:

  • We study your history and all communications
  • We help you to understand fiscal and tax language and terminology
  • We evaluate the feasibility of any appeal
  • We prepare resources and arguments, and present them both

When it comes to working with the Hacienda experience is essential; trust our team of professionals to handle your appeals to the AEAT.

Tax Consultancy Services

Departamento Clientes | Ilia Consultoria

“We know the language of finance – we will make your appeal for you”

Oriol M. Giné

Clients Dept