cabecera declaración de la renta

Annual tax declaration, Declaration of Income and Personal Income Tax (IRPF)

Did you know that 90% of taxpayers pay more income tax than they need to?

At Ilia Consultoria we not only prepare and submit your Annual tax declaration, declaration of income and personal income tax, but we ensure that you do not pay a single euro more than necessary.

The law on income tax for individuals in Spain is very complex. The vast number of exemptions, deductions, rebates, allowances and thresholds, as well as the continuous changes and reforms to the law, means that good advice is essential to ensure that you are not paying more than necessary, or making mistakes that may result in financial penalties.

Most tax returns contains errors. The responsibility to correctly complete the statement of income is always the taxpayer’s, never the Hacienda’s.

It is not only essential to properly prepare and file the annual tax declaration; the key to not paying more than necessary is tax planning. Our consultants make specific tax savings plans for our customers. These include proactive simulations of income and personal tax liability, allowing our clients to understand the taxes they will have to pay in the future, as well as studies of deductions, which allow us to create the conditions necessary for increased tax savings.

Our tax department is widely experienced and specialises in planning and completing all kinds of income tax returns. Our services include:

  • Planning tax savings in IRPF
  • Studying and applying all possible deductions
  • Verifying the financial data for Hacienda
  • Completing Model 100 (income tax)
  • Submitting your taxes – so you do not have to lift a finger

Wealth Tax

Some autonomous communities enforce a wealth tax. This tax is levied on cash, shares, securities and other assets, provided that they exceed 500,000 € (taking into account exceptions for each case).
Tax planning is particularly important when considering the wealth tax.

With proper tax planning from Ilia Consultoria you may not only be able to greatly reduce your wealth tax payments, but in many cases you may be able to eliminate your liability all together.Our team of expert tax advisors will take charge of completing and presenting your financial statement.

Our service includes:

  • Planning tax savings on the Wealth Tax
  • Valuation of all economic assets
  • Completing Model 714 (Wealth Tax)
  • Presentation of the statement – so you do not have to worry about a thing

Do not hesitate; reviewing and planning for both income and wealth tax can generate large savings. Contact us to see how you can benefit from efficient tax planning.

Tax Advice Services

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“It is important to review your returns for possible errors.”

Lidia López

Tax Department