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Accounting Consultancy

At Ilia Consultoria we can advise you on the most advanced automatic accounting processes currently available.

Most companies do not give much consideration to their accounting software, or appreciate the benefits of a good accounting program. Our expert accounting consultants understand that accounting services are seen as a low value-added job, since they do not produce immediate economic benefits to the company. However incorrect or incomplete accounts can generate many kinds of problems – organisational, financial, legal – which can lead to fines and even to prosecutions.

If you want to know if your company is managing their accounts correctly there are some indicators that all economists, financiers and tax advisers look at. Firstly, it is important to check the following accounts and ensure they have an accurate balance:

  • 555 (items to be applied)
  • 629 (miscellaneous costs)
  • 572 (banks); in this case you must check if your accounting balance matches the bank balance

Another important point is to verify that the balances of customers and suppliers are accurate and tally with your records. You should also check if your current advisor closes your books at the end of each year and files them in the Registro Mercantil during the month of April.

At Ilia Consultoria we understand the importance of accurate accounting. We know that it is the fundamental cornerstone of any company.

Accurate accounting ensures your company has up-to-date financial and accounting information, allowing you to react to any economic situation and make the right business decision at the right time.

Using the latest advances in information technology, we ensure that your company’s accounts are precise and up-to-date. In addition, our team of tax advisors is responsible for periodically reviewing your company’s financial statements to ensure that your accounts meet all legal requirements.

Our accounting outsourcing service allows our clients to not only keep the most accurate and efficient accounts, but by removing the need for an internal accounting officer it will also generate significant cost savings.

By using the latest techniques in automated accounting, we drastically reduce errors and can complete your accounts in less than half the time of a traditional consultancy.

Our knowledge, our experience and our pioneering work in accounting automation make us the perfect choice to provide you with the service that your company needs.

If you want to know more about how our accounting consultancy can benefit you, please contact our accounting department and we will be pleased to talk you through all of its advantages.

Accounting Consultancy Services

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“Accounting Outsourcing is a tax saving method for many companies.”
Oriol M. Giné
Administration Department


Accounting Outsourcing


Cut your accounting costs in half. We are dedicated to implementing automated accounting systems for all of our clients. For advice on this and other tax issues consult our accounting outsourcing team.