About Us

At Ilia Consultoria we are specialists in tax, accounting, law and human resources. We place the customer at the center of the decision making process to establish an honest, effective and lasting relationship.

Ilia Consultoria was established in 2010 in Barcelona. From the beginning we have had two essential principles: automated accounting and online marketing.

We were inspired to create a modern business and financial consultancy, a fully digitised office embracing the latest technology to create automated accounting processes. We believed that a service dedicated to assisting the customer would bring value to their business.

Despite establishing our service in a time of economic crisis it seems that time has proved us right; currently our principles are now shared by virtually the entire sector.

We have brought together a team of over twenty highly qualified professionals, and we are proud to serve a portfolio of over 500 customers.

Our small office has become a huge success in the world of tax advice, to the point that we now assist other tax advisors in implementing our methods.

We always put the customer at the center of all our decisions. We are proud to say that our customer dropout rate does not exceed 2%.


To provide tax, accounting, legal and employment advice. To put the customer at the center of all our decisions and to build lasting relationships. To dedicate ourselves to assisting and advising our customers, adding value to their business, using automation technology to streamline accounting processes.


To be a leader in automating accounting processes, digitisation of professional offices and online marketing for professional offices and businesses. To democratise outsourcing through the use of automation, reducing accounting costs for our clients.


To not only commit ourselves to advising our clients in line with current legislation, but to carry out our business ethically. At Ilia Consultoria we believe that ethics and responsibility represent the only way to achieve a sustainable relationship over time.

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Pioneers in automated accounting

  • Tax planning for business

  • Constitution of all types of companies

  • Ethically responsible tax advisors

  • Experience and enthusiasm to meet objectives

CEO Ilia Consultoria - Arnau Moranta


Arnau Moranta

CEO of Ilia Consultoria, Arnau Moranta is an entrepreneur by vocation and one of the pioneers of automated accounting in Spain. He envisioned a technological revolution in the world of consulting and despite the economic crisis he saw it through it with determination and success.

A specialist at creating and motivating professional teams to ensure that the client’s needs are always fulfilled, he is one of the leading pioneers of the digitisation of professional offices.

MBA in Management and Business Administration from the University of Barcelona and Master in Tax Consultancy from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF).

Our team

Ramon Cot - Presidente - Ilia Consultoria

Ramon Cot


Founder and director of Ramon Cot i Associats. Professional with more than 50 years of experience in very high level tax consultancy. He has been actively involved in the creation and growth of entities such as the ACB league, the Euroliga league and the Mediapro.

Economist, professor and specialist in national taxation, corporate structures, tax inspection, procedures, transfer prices and successor taxation.

Undoubtedly the highest technical reference within the office, a well of wisdom and a source of learning and inspiration for colleagues and clients.

Degree in Economics at Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Advanced knowledge on Law

Xavier Vilalta - Dep Fiscal - Ilia Consultoria

Xavier Vilalta

Head of Tax Dept.

Expert auditor with extensive experience in tax matters for national and international clients, Xavier specializes in tax returns (Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Form 720 and IRNR), and in international taxation, tax audits, Due Dilligence, corporate and others.

Bachelor and Master of Taxation at ESADE and with a successful career in leading companies in the field. Expert in corporate taxation, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Xavier is a tireless worker, with an enviable attitude, always providing solutions and wanting to help.

Masters in Tax Audit and Management at ESADE – Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

Masters in Financial and Accounting Management of the Company, specialising in Audit at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Degree in Economics at la Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Oriol M. Giné - Dep Clientes - Ilia Consultoria

Oriol M. Giné

Clients Dept.

Oriol has 20 years of experience in customer service and team building. Expert in census, accounting, commercial, non-resident taxation and international clients. Its overall vision allows you to solve almost all the problems that your customers have.

With university education, fluent conversation in different languages ​​and a particularly outstanding commercial and decisive vocation.

Oriol is the key element that allows us to maintain a high level of customer service. His spirit of collaboration is inexhaustible.

Llicenciat en Disseny per la Universitat Ramon Llull (ESDI)

Equipo - Ilia Consultoria

Alberto Martín

Tax Dept.

Tax expert with a lot of experience in corporate taxation and natural persons. Consumed specialist in advice and preparation of tax campaigns, as well as in matters of VAT procedures, Corporation Tax, Model 720 and other taxes.

Alberto has very important knowledge and experience for the firm, and dominates areas of specialization such as sports taxation (where he advises such important entities as the ACB League, Euroleague, Mediapro, etc.), taxation of non-residents, taxation of groups corporate and taxation of inheritance, inheritance, among others.

Undoubtedly one of the key pieces of the firm regarding tax advice of a very high level, which always requires constant training.

Business Studies at Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Several specialisation courses in taxation at Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya, Centre d’Estudis Financers (CEF) and Col·legi de Gestors Administratius.

Equipo - Ilia Consultoria

Joaquim Casajuana

Head of Labour Dept.

A leading labor consultant, specialising in labor law, HR management and labor advice for companies and groups of companies. With more than 40 years of experience and experience in the field of work and in the management of payroll, insurance, etc.

Joaquim is the reference person in the firm in any complicated matter related to the work area. It manages a portfolio of more than 500 clients and 25,000 payroll annually.

Most clients have been working with him for more than three decades, and they have become part of the family.

Graduat Social per la Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Dep Legal - Ilia Consultoria

Maria Bielsa

Legal Dept.

Responsible for the legal and commercial department, Maria has more than ten years of experience in corporate operations such as: Increase in capital, dissolutions, partner agreements, commercial contracts, Due Dilligence, business acquisitions and others.

With a degree and a master’s degree in taxation, she is currently specializing in tax management for companies and individuals, with extensive experience in personal income tax, international and non-resident taxation.

Methodical as few professionals, Maria is able to devote all the time she needs to leave no details unanswered.

Degree in Law at Universitat de Barcelona

Master in Taxation and Tax Consultancy at CEF

Specialisation course in Corporate Practice at CEF

Lidia López Clavero

Tax and Accounting Dept.

Lidia is a tax and accounting consultant with more than 35 years of experience on her shoulders. He manages a client portfolio, some for more than 3 decades, with a very high level of loyalty.

She is specialised in performing the entire accounting and fiscal cycle of an SME, from the accounting side, to the presentation of all taxes, corporate tax, annual accounts.

She is the reference consultant for most of the area of Gràcia restaurants in Barcelona.

Practical accounting at the Center for Financial Studies (CEF)

Secretariat course

Estel Gasulla - Dep Fiscal - Ilia Consultoria

Estel Gasulla

Tax Dept.

Estel is a tax and accounting consultant with a great career. Specialized in tax and accounting management for self-employed people and companies. With extensive experience in tax campaigns (IRPF, IRNR, Companies, Form 720, etc.)

Masters in tax consultancy by the CEF, he has worked in one of the most important tax consultancies in Barcelona. She is also an expert on work-life balance.

Estel is an example of overcoming and empathy, always smiling with an attitude that spreads to the rest of the team.

Masters en Taxation and Tax Consultancy at CEF

International Tax Planning at CEF

Equipo - Ilia Consultoria

Rosa Gómez

Tax-Accounting Dept.

Tax and accounting consultant for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers, with more than 25 years of professional experience. Specialising in income taxes, corporate taxes, VAT and accounting management with a strong knowledge of applications of advanced technologies.

Rosa successfully manages the advice of clients who are loyal to her because of her commitment and dedication. She is the person who never has a no for an answer.

Always with a positive attitude, Rosa is a key element in our office.

Studies in Administration Management.

Several courses in taxation, I.R.P.F., Corporate tax, I.V.A. and accounting.

Equipo - Ilia Consultoria

Nuri Alcalá

Tax-Accounting Dept.

Accounting and tax consultant for small businesses and freelancers, with more than 20 years of experience. Specialising in Income Tax, Economic Activities Tax, VAT and management of all taxpayer tax formalities.

Expert in technologies to optimize relations with the Tax Administration.

Nuri is characterised by her direct, cheerful and forthright treatment with clients, which generates great trust and a very good image of our office.

Studies in Administration Management.

Several courses in taxation, I.R.P.F., Corporate tax, I.V.A. and accounting.

Xavier Badosa

Tax-Accounting Dept.

Expert tax advisor with more than 30 years of experience in tax and accounting. Specialising in the accounting and taxation of business groups, industrial companies and, in particular, companies or heritage company groups.

Xavier is a point of reference within the firm and the ETL group, where he teaches tax and accounting issues and helps train new members. His previous experience in risk analysis, financial management and import / export makes him an indispensable person for the tax and economic advice of our clients.

Degree in Economics at Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

Master in Financial Management at Banco de España.

Oscar Puigdemont - Dep Laboral - Ilia Consultoria

Oscar Puigdemont

Labour Dept.

Labour advisor with more than 25 years of experience in advice, preparation of payroll and social insurance, labor conciliation processes, labour audits, due diligence and labour analytics.

Specialized in verticals such as sports management, restoration and industrial sector. Oscar manages the work area of more than 150 clients who trust him for many years.

Always optimistic and willing to lend a hand, his career is backed by professionalism and constant dedication, as well as for the study and implementation of technology in the labor sector.

Marta Vidal - Atención al Cliente - Ilia Consultoria

Marta Vidal

Customer Service and Reception Dept.

Marta, after almost 22 years of experience in the reception and customer service department, has developed great patience, predisposition and decisive capacity, which makes her work responsibly and efficiently. In the face of customers, it conveys confidence and security.

Her experience and his work make him known to all clients and that they have confidence and respect for them.

Internally, it is essential in the organization of events, both internally and for customers.

Higher Level Training Cycle as Legal Administrative Assistant Technician

Mireia León

Communications and Marketing Dept.

Journalist specializing in online marketing and business communication plans. Used to finding solutions to the constant challenges of web development, quality control and relationship with suppliers. Optimistic and resilient.

Master in Design, Communication Strategies and Advertising by ELISAVA – Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing by La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

Degree in Journalism by Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

Degree in Audiovisual Communication by Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)