About Us

At Ilia Consultoria we are specialists in tax, accounting, law and human resources. We place the customer at the center of the decision making process to establish an honest, effective and lasting relationship.

Ilia Consultoria was established in 2010 in Barcelona. From the beginning we have had two essential principles: automated accounting and online marketing.

We were inspired to create a modern business and financial consultancy, a fully digitised office embracing the latest technology to create automated accounting processes. We believed that a service dedicated to assisting the customer would bring value to their business.

Despite establishing our service in a time of economic crisis it seems that time has proved us right; currently our principles are now shared by virtually the entire sector.

We have brought together a team of over twenty highly qualified professionals, and we are proud to serve a portfolio of over 500 customers.

Our small office has become a huge success in the world of tax advice, to the point that we now assist other tax advisors in implementing our methods.

We always put the customer at the center of all our decisions. We are proud to say that our customer dropout rate does not exceed 2%.


To provide tax, accounting, legal and employment advice. To put the customer at the center of all our decisions and to build lasting relationships. To dedicate ourselves to assisting and advising our customers, adding value to their business, using automation technology to streamline accounting processes.


To be a leader in automating accounting processes, digitisation of professional offices and online marketing for professional offices and businesses. To democratise outsourcing through the use of automation, reducing accounting costs for our clients.


To not only commit ourselves to advising our clients in line with current legislation, but to carry out our business ethically. At Ilia Consultoria we believe that ethics and responsibility represent the only way to achieve a sustainable relationship over time.

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Pioneers in automated accounting

  • Tax planning for business

  • Constitution of all types of companies

  • Ethically responsible tax advisors

  • Experience and enthusiasm to meet objectives

CEO Ilia Consultoria - Arnau Moranta


Arnau Moranta

CEO of Ilia Consultoria, Arnau Moranta is an entrepreneur by vocation and one of the pioneers of automated accounting in Spain. He envisioned a technological revolution in the world of consulting and despite the economic crisis he saw it through it with determination and success.

A specialist at creating and motivating professional teams to ensure that the client’s needs are always fulfilled, he is one of the leading pioneers of the digitisation of professional offices.

MBA in Management and Business Administration from the University of Barcelona and Master in Tax Consultancy from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF).

Our team

Maria Bielsa

Legal Dept

María is one of our specialist legal consultants. Our clients always appreciate her meticulous nature and the precision of her legal work. She has been providing professional advice to companies for eight years, taking responsibility for ensuring every job achieves the targets set by our clients.

Law Degree from the University of Barcelona

Master in Tax Consultancy from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF)

Specialization Course in Corporate Practice (CEF)

Nuria Domingo

Administration Dept

Nuria is our accounting consultant with a specialised knowledge of the hardware and software required for professional practice. Her extensive experience in advising freelancers and SMEs has contributed to the growth of our business since the beginning of our journey. Nuria is goal-oriented and a problem solver, always with a great attitude.

Technician in Computer Applications Development (Polytechnic Studies Centre)

Accounting Practice Course (Center for Financial Studies)

Esther Martinez

Accounting Dept

Our multidisciplinary accounting advisor Esther has a long and successful track record of providing advice to all types of companies and business. Our clients always tell us that she is an effective, orderly and effective advisor, always willing to collaborate to meet her customer’s needs.

Degree in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona

Oriol M. Giné

Clients’ Dept

Oriol has 15 years of experience in customer service and team building. Expert in providing our customers with an exemplary level of service, his colleagues emphasise his willingness to collaborate and provide the necessary solutions to ensure the success of their projects.

Bachelor in Design from the Universitat Ramon Llull (ESDI)